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DJ KENJI (Japan) at Pontoon Club

Friday 23, Aug, 2019

DJ KENJI started deejaying as his carreer since 2000, His DJ style is based on HIP HOP, R&B and Reggae, but he spins a wider range of music such as Twerk, Trap, Dubstep, House, Bass music, EDM, Soul, Funk, Disco, etc. He has spun for thousands of people at major venues such as Ageha, Womb, T2, Asia, Vision, Camelot, and Color throughout Japan. His DJ activity is not only limited to Japan, but also for big clubs in the United States, Malaysia (Club Zouk), Thailand, The Philippines, etc. He has also performed for the world famous R&B artist, Jay Sean as his front act DJ. His activities have been extended to various areas as he has been DJing for 5 star hotels (Shangri-La, ANA Intercontinental), resort areas, cruising parties, and parties for various corporations.



Country: Japanese