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Smart Mobile Presents *DJ STYLUXTAKUT*

Friday 16, Aug, 2013

 Sheer dedication, talent and tenacity are the blueprint of success, and Styluxtakut encompasses the essence of it all. This prodigious talent has been on the forefront of the ever evolving vagaries of musical fashion, and as a result it has led him to be one of the most coveted and avant garde DJs Singapore has to offer.

Hailing from a background of turntablism, Styluxtakut sharpened and honed skill with wax. There is no stopping him as begins his relentless pursuit to push this burgeoning art from to greater heights. His efforts finally came to fruition when he received accolades and gained recognition on both domestic and international fronts.

Despite his fortuitous forays in the realm of turntablism, Styluxtakut has not once forgotten the most imperative fundamentals and crucial element of DJing - Rocking the party with two records-. Being the musical maestro that he is, Styluxtakut discerns musical boundaries and strikes all the right notes by procreating a perfect harmony between his proficient technical skills and party - rocking prowess

Styluxtakut's distinct and impeccable sonics span over several genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Urban, and Electro. His propensity for dance floor hysteria has not been overlooked as he has helmed the decks at several prestigious and reputable clubs. His high-energy and technically skilled. eclectic club set indubitably takes his audience to aural nirvana.

In August 2011, Styluxtakut released his first mix CD titled Wreck the Diskotech, it was well-received and drew critical praise and raving reviews from his fans and critics alike, this further cemented the face that his proficiency on the decks is second to none.

His innovation and ingenuity stands as a testament to the immense success that is only attained through idealism and perseverance, Styluxtakut's true success awaits him in future, so buckle and brace yourself for a musical epiphany.

AWARDS.Sunset DJ Freestyle Scratch 2008 // ChampionPhuture DJ Battle 2009 July // Vice ChampionMalaysia DJ Battle 2009 Solo Category // ChampionMalaysia DJ Battle 2009 Best Scratch Category // ChampionPhuture DJ Battle 2010 August // ChampionPhuture DJ Battle 2010 Overall (July-August) // Vice ChampionDMC Singapore 2010 // FinalistMalaysia DJ Battle 2011 Solo Showcase Category // ChampionMalaysia DJ Battle 2011 Best Scratch Category // Champion