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Saturday 08, Feb, 2014

DJ Gigahurtz

Continent to Continent from Mega Clubs to Maga Festivals over Digital Waves and Airwaves this is the playground of DJ Gigahurtz. Providing audible pleasures for jet setting emotion connoisseurs. Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Monaco and Seoul are just a few of the trend setting cities that he has served up his audible elixirs. He is highly sought by Celebrities, Luxury Brands and Global Tycoons alike, to engulf their favored guest within a memorable audible tête-à-tête, between Soul and Sound. If you have experienced DJ Gigahurtz you have experienced a pleasurable sensory overload. For those of you, yet to partake of this delicacy, prepare yourself. Prepare your mind, body and soul for this euphoric encounter.
Based in Portland, Oregon, DJ Gigahurtz began a life-long love affair with music and technology at a young age. However, it wasn’t until catching the bug for turntablism at the University of Riverside that he began viewing playing music out as something that could be more than a hobby. Soon enough, he was using the skills acquired from all day scratch sessions to perform at campus parties and events all over the city, locking down the area in no time flat. Still, ever the enterprising type, even that wasn’t enough. Seeking to up the entertainment ante, a young Gigahurtz began to utilize other competencies learned in class as well by uniquely incorporating digital formats, video, and live production into his one-of-a-kind DJ sets becoming one of the pioneers of MP3 mixing. It was with these new additions to his arsenal where DJ Gigahurtz knew he’d found his niche. He would not just “DJ”, he would perform.

Fast-forward 12 years and DJ Gigahurtz is globally regarded for his innovative VJ sets and eclectic, captivating playlists. Manning the decks for several ultra-exclusive venues, he has built a client list impressive not just by the names of the clubs, but, for where they are located: Monaco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, and Las Vegas just to name a few. Still one for locking down his own city, DJ Gigahurtz was also recently tapped to become the Music Director and Resident DJ for Portland’s spectacular new superclub, TRIO, a Vegas-type ultra venue that has quickly become the “be seen” venue in the area. Not limited to the DJ booth only, he has rocked arena stages and collaborated with some of the pop charts’ biggest names like the platinum-selling Far East Movement, Trey Songs, Colby O’Donis, and Cash Money international recording artist, Jay Sean.
Creating a brand that is known for top quality, versatile soundscapes has been the focus from inception for DJ Gigahurtz and some of the biggest names on the globe have taken notice. Exclusive events for Microsoft, Nike, Disney, and Mercedes-Benz are some of just a few of the standout client names on his resume. His marketing talents have also been commanded by entertainment powerhouses including Interscope Records and Universal Music for innovative branding campaigns and product introductions.
In one of the most prestigious coups of his ever burgeoning career, world-renowned spirit brand, Le Graind Saint Sparkling Vodka, recently commissioned DJ Gigahurtz to provide the soundtrack for the grand opening of the Karl Lagerfeld-conceptualized Odyssey pool lounge at the Hotel Metropole on Catalina Island. It is top tier bookings such as these that separate the truly elite DJs from the pack. In today’s DJ business, branding is paramount. When some of the world’s most recognizable brands want to stand beside yours as they are DJ Gigahurtz, you are doing everything right.
Even with all his accolades to date, the upcoming calendar foretells of an even brighter future for DJ Gigahurtz. A recently inked recording deal with superstar DJ Chuckie’s influential Dirty Dutch Records as a headlining EDM act is just the beginning. Also on deck is GIGAHURTZ RADIO, an hour long music & lifestyle concept show to be aired bi-weekly exclusively on the much-heralded SKEE 24/7 mobile application. Additionally, several major remixes and bootlegs are on deck as Gigahurtz further introduces crowds to his critically- acclaimed electronic sound prior to his forthcoming commercial releases.
He is recognized for his philanthropic spirit and unique, pioneering sound. He is respected as one of the best on the planet. He is DJ Gigahurtz. He is just getting started.