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Smart Mobile Present "DJ EWONE"

Saturday 01, Mar, 2014


RADIO DJ (8 years of daily mixshows on Generations FM, the number one Hip-Hop Soul radio in Paris / www.generationsfm.com)

BEATMAKER (producer for the rapper Sefyu [French Music Awards 2009], credits for TV shows: «Canal Street» [Canal +], «Dance Street 2011» [France Televisions])…

LIVE DJ (concert’s warm ups [Snoop Dogg, Mary J.Blige, Missy Elliott etc…], also on stage with US and French artists, dance battles…)
LABEL DJ (Golden Eye Music Group - Independent French label)

TV SHOW DJ « Dance Street » on France Televisions

CONSULTANT DJ for the French number 1 Hip-Hop magazine « Rap-Mag » (since 2008)   and of course a PARTY DJ! (official DJ of the « Hip-Hop Loves Soul »& « Who is the King » parties in Paris + plays in many other placesaround the world).

Emerging as one of the most efficient and technical DJ in Paris, Ewone! knows how to marry all styles of music to forge its identity and to make his name in the universe of dee-jaying. Music-addicted, he has a great ability and experience to adapt its musical panel, described as multiple and eclectic to a large public.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise today that Ewone! controls the> dance floor of the famous “Who is the King” parties in the Champs-Elysées, or the “Hip-Hop Loves Soul" for the last 5 years! Heplays in hype clubs like the Baron (Paris/Cabourg/Cannes), Chez Réginewith toe-tangling Soul/Funk/Disco, Rock and Hip-Hop Old School sounds: he sets NO LIMIT in his selection of sounds! ECLECTISM is what is defining him !

Ever since he started, Ewone travels and shares his passion for music around the world. He mixed with worldwide biggest names: from themythical DJ Premier to the legendary Pete Rock, DJ Scratch, CutChemist or DJ Cash Money where his sets were widely appreciated!

Ewone! is a very talented DJ who will not leave you indifferent! 




Country: France
Genres: Hip-Hop, Mash up