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Friday 28, Mar, 2014

The Japen-hip hop def busta, DJ Ta-Shi, continuously won Vestax, ITF and DMC Japan three champion competition in 1992.. In 1998, DJ Ta-Shi performed in a concert of James Brown, the father of funk, and acquired a standing ovation from J.B. In 2003, DJ Ta-shi was invited by Dr.Dre and Snoop Dog in Japan tour concert. He was also in the production team of the best selling singer of JP-R&B “ Misia” and also invited in her concert tour. He joined the album production “Ryuu”of DJ Krush. Now he is a member of DMC competition juries and music producer.
Co-published a album with DJ QBERT a world scratch god and gig on same stage. DJ Ta-Shi is a highly acclaimed performer during tours in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand etc.
DJ Ta-Shi have great commerce with other greatest DJ of the world such as “DJ Shortcut”, and that influenced Ta-Shi’s Style of diggin. The difference with other DJs, Ta-Shi digs deep into his collection to perfect routines and mix tapes utilizing rare original breaks and hardcore underground U.S. hip-hop, therefore, the soul scenes and uniqueness touches dancer’s mind.
He was also voted by many Asia music magazines as one of Vinyl World Best Of DJ. He personally have more than 20 thousand black disc collection and he is adores to this kind of music media. He always keep his origin spirit ,show up in every used black disc shop of the world, searching for the bequeathment of music. He uses every classic part of track and add his uniqueness style.