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Anthony Gaglardi (MC)


Country: Cambodia

Genres: Public & Private

Anthony Gaglardi (AG), the resident EMCEE of Pontoon Cambodia, is of Cambodian nationality with a unique background. He was exposed to and influenced by the American culture having been educated in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in Thailand, the US and Canada, he was involved in school performing arts activities such as choir and drama. With an active personality, AG enjoys a wide range of sporting activities from golf, basketball to wave riding. Having parents passionately involved in Church ministries as senior leaders, he began to develop his interests in the art of performing for a number of crowds through singing performances, delivering captivating speeches and participation in various drama plays. Cambodia saw AG’s return in the summer of 2005. At the time, a market opportunity to emerge as Cambodia’s top male bilingual Host/Presenter was available for the taking. Valuing the importance of speech and communications from his education both from home and school overseas, his sharp awareness for proper communication combined with the high understanding of spontaneity of stage presence and natural witty improvisation skills motivated him to go forth and seize the chance to become a recognized voice on the Mic. Through stepping? stone opportunities to showcase his skills in public and private functions, he has managed to humbly build his reputation on a solid foundation of undisputed experiences. Since his return to the Kingdom, AG’s current and on? going successful career as a well? respected and talented Cambodian Personality being able to handle roles of Host/EMCEE and Model/Actor throughout Cambodia’s developing media & entertainment scene continues to professionally deliver fresh &quality performances for all audiences.