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Brendan Pettit (Bree)

Country: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Genres: Hip Hop

DJ Bree was introduced to the world of Dj’ing at the age of 14 years old; through his love of Hip Hop music. The sounds that hip hop D.j.’s could create through scratching and the loops they made through beat juggling, led him to try and hone these skills, as well as just being able to mix. After watching old VHS tapes of the Technics DMC World Championships, with D.J’s such as A Trak, D.J. Craze, D.J. Ca$h Money and The Scratch Perverts, he was shown a wealth of turntablist skills and techniques that he wanted learn for himself.


Deciding that his love for the music was still the main driving force, he chose to try and incorporate some of these turntablist skills along with the approach of a party D.J., rather than just focusing on the technical stuff that doesn’t always make people dance in a club situation.


He started out with underground Hip Hop from the U.S. as well as his native Scotland and the rest of the U.K. but as he got older his tastes started to branch out into various types of music, including; Electro, House, Techno as well as more homegrown sounds like garage and grime, while also still keeping up with Hip Hop from around the globe.


Bre had a weekly residency at Bar Silk in Glasgow City Centre, where he played commercial Hip Hop and RnB, as well as trying to play some of the newest sounds around.


He also played alongside the Numbers crew and LuckyMe family (D.J. Jackmaster, Rustie& Hudson Mohawke), whose parties at some of Glasgow’s hippest venues has given them legendary status, both at home in the U.K. as well major music cities all over the globe for their bass, dance, electronic fused parties.


His love for raw Hip Hop never waivered, leading him to open up for some of the U.K’s finest M.C’s (Jehst, &Asaviour) at his own club night Praise Be, which was formed with local wordsmith and party promoter Dan beck, as well as (MicallParkinsun&Dubbledge) for Doublespeak, both in Scotland’s party capital.


Bre also went on and supported The Roll Deep Crew, who are responsible for the new wave of grime music that brought us artists like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley. This was a big night for Glasgow as it was the first time these pioneers had made it north of the border, to the city’s largest club and it just so happened to coincide with the group’s first U.K. top 40, number one hit.


Now Bre has ventured to the kingdom of wonder in search of sun and a different crowd! Since arriving here in December 2011, he has played at several different parties including a couple for various bars in Phnom Penh as well as The Eighty8 Guesthouse, Black Star Tattoo Studio (Grand Opening Party, with local legend D.J. Illest), Fruity (with Dan Beck, CynCity and B Boy Peanut) while also playing at the Cambodian Comedy Club which takes place at Pontoon, he is also a resident DJ at Pontoon bistro  twice a week.