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Country: Vietnam

Genres: Hip Hop/R&B

Quach Cam Le, otherwise known as Kimmese is a powerful soul whose voice has touched the Vietnamese music scene since she was the tender age of just 14. Her roots were in Hip Hop and her career started with rapping but she would soon realize her true calling was in R&B and that’s where she decided to focus. She saw a void in the Vietnamese music world for the genre and set out to become Vietnam’s “Queen of R&B”. 

Born in 1991, Kimmese is only 21 years old but speaks with the wisdom of someone much older and sings with the passion of a seasoned professional. For Kim music is the gift of life and no matter where you are, it connects people and creates a more meaningful world. Whatever her emotion, she releases it through music which touches the hearts of her listeners. She can turn tears of sadness to tears of joy in just a note. 

Kim aspires to represent the youth and bring new flavors to the music business. She wishes for her talents garner international appeal as a Hip Hop artist, song writer and producer. With her steadfast determination she has her eyes set on paving the way and opening the door to making R&B popular in Vietnam as the Queen of R&B.

Kimmese sees a music and showbiz world that is still in a process of finding its identity. Often, musicians stick to the role of a princess or a prince targeting teens and she finds it, “Ridiculous.” Kim is setting out to create a personal and intimate world in her music. “I’m going to say what I want to say and let it be shown in my music,” shares Kimmese who speaks as a person far ahead of her years. “Opinions are not easy to write in music but I wanted to get away from the romantic music and sing about things that are real.” 

Early in her career she focused on writing raps and performing the same but then she decided to fuse Hip Hop with a more classical brand of music. She did just that as a singer in Vietnam’s Diva My Linh and and with the band Anh Em during a 2006 tour. After success from the show she received praise from the likes of composer Duong Thu. Since then Kim has participated in numerous programs and shows surrounding herself with artists at home and abroad such as Killa Kella, Akala and Baby Vox.

Nike, seeing promise in her approach, used Kimmese in their “Play Freely” campaign which aired during the Asian Football Cup. She has represented Dance 4 Life for 3 years, a movement to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS. She has also been an ambassador for brands such as Pepsi, Atlantica Games and Beeline.