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Country: UK

Hailing from London UK, DJ J-Cue touched down in Beijing China in 2004. and decided to make Beijing his home! 12 years on, and the transformation has been an Epic one to say the least! With over 20 years experience rocking parties, radio and battling under his belt. J-Cue is now widely considered to be the undisputed Number One Turntable party rocker in Asia! He has held down a 10 year residency at China's most famous super club. MIX! While continuing to do monthly guest appearances, and during that time travelled all over Europe, The Middle East and the Asian region performing as a guest DJ in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia.Korea, Macau, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Dubai, Bahrain etc. J-Cue has Successfully completed several Asian and European Club Tours! Not just a DJ! but also a personality. and a highly skilled and respected turntablist who never fails to deliver at the highest level!