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DJ Fummy

Country: JAPAN

DJ Fummy represents Japan as one of it’s finest turntablist. He started to DJ at the age of 15, and also won multiple domestic DJ contests. For the “DMC DJ Championship” he was crowned the Japan champion, and came in second for the world championships in 2013, 2016, and 2018. Similarly in the Red Bull Music 3Style, he became the Japan champion, and came in second in the world finals in 2018. DJ Fummy`s presence on stage, structuring of songs, and technique are full of creativity and liveliness which are next to none. His sets are an experience like a roller coaster ride full of excitements with happy moments similar to a merry go round. Anyone from kids to the elder can enjoy his music like an amusement park. DJ Fummy is the modern samurai turntablist that is protecting, breaking, and evolving the boundaries from Japan. Once you see him play, he will destroy the conception of a general DJ.