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Country: uk / china

Genres: Hip-Hop, Funk, Breaks

DSK - was introduced to hip-hop and electro in the early ‘80s and immediately began B-boying, Graffiti and DJing before focusing on the music and turning to the tables, perfecting his scratch- and battle-style techniques. After making a name for himself as a DJ, he began to produce hip-hop tracks that soon led to vinyl releases and a series of Hip-hop, Funk and Electro mix CDs. After DJing and producing songs in the UK, he left the UK shores for a greater challenge and established himself in Asia, eventually settling in China and becoming fluent in Chinese.

As a performer, DSK is well known for his mixing and scratching skills across various musical genres. DSK can be found mixing hip-hop, R&B, funk, breaks, electro and reggae, with ventures into old funk/soul and B-boy breaks. Over the past few years, DSK has toured extensively in such countries as India, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and, of course, his home country – the UK. Working on the club/festival circuit as a performer and organizer, he has put together numerous “special shows” that incorporate live music with hip-hop and club elements ranging from graffiti, saxophone, African and Latin percussion, break dancing, vocals and more. DSK always emphasizes the importance of “pushing boundaries and keeping things fresh, exciting and original”.

DSK’s has performed for shows for nearly every alcohol brand there is, and for several years worked demonstrating pro equipment for Numark/Akai and Alesis throughout Asia . He has been selected for some of the most high-profile international hip-hop dance competitions (B-boy/Popping) worldwide. These include Freestyle Session, Battle Of The Year, Circle Kingz, Red Bull Street Battle, UK B-Boy Champs, etc. His music productions have even used by the BBC on their documentaries. In 2009 he became the first DJ to perform live on Chinese national CCTV5 performing a solo turntable showcase. DSK has also judged for DMC DJ competitions and worked at several DJ schools.

DSK continues to be involved, as an organizer and performer, in shows at clubs, festivals and various promotional events. He also runs a record label, Unity Recordings, recording and remixing artists and bands. Last year his mix for sneaker chain “Sole Heaven” beat such giants as Goldie, Stanton Warriors, Walley Lopez and even Krafty Kuts for the most downloads and plays.