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Country: Belgium

Genres: Hip-Hop mash up

DJ Solo’s career started in1997, influenced by mixtapes of famous DJs such as DJ CUT KILLER, DJ ABDEL, DJ MOUSS, CRAZY B, etc…

Brussels, his hometown , was naturally the first city to be flooded with his series of mixtapes, making a name for himself and meeting fame and success right away! His mixes traveled to the airwaves of radio Almanar, RadioCampus, FunRadio, RadioContact, RadioFM in Belgium.

DJ Solo’ s music mix: from Hip Hop to Dancehall, RnB, Crunk, Rai, Rock & Roll and even Electro House, captured the Belgian crowd and made him move to bigger audiences in prestigious night-clubs in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, China and in Thailand. His Technical skills such as scratching, beatjugling, and mixing tricks set DJ Solo apart from the Standard-Regular DJ.

A Co-Founding member of "Funky breaks" the first Belgian Party Break production Label with DJ KC & DJ SKWAD, Solo has produced over 15 mixtapes, 4 Party Breaks Vinyls and sold over 25,000 worldwide ( Europe-Asia- USA).

Solo collaborated with well known DJs such as: Daddy K, KC, Cut Killer, Magic Cut, Craze, ND, HMD,....

In 2000, DJ Solo, then along with DJ KC & DJ SKWAD founded a DJ Collective known as Funky Flavor Crew.

And since 2007, DJ Solo became a member another DJ collective: CP5 DJ Crew, affiliated to the well known graffiti crew from Paris, the CP5 Posse.

In 2007, DJ Solo exports his talent to South East Asia and quickly gains recognition among the local talents of South East Asia: Bangkok Invaders DJs- DJ Tech 12, DJ Octo (based in Bangkok), DJ Illest(Cambodia) and Singers/Mcs: Tony Rankin, Jon-Z, Petchy, Henry Soul,....

In 2007, Solo places Second at the "Bangkok DJ Competition" organized by 1,2 Call. 

Since 2009 Solo holds residency at one the most famous club of Bangkok: " The Bed Supperclub", rocking the famous Wednesday night: MODELS NIGHT& RUMBA CALIENTE and Sundays nights as well.

A real veteran of the Hip Hop Scene for the past 13 years, DJ Solo has expanded worldwide and this is only the beginning of a new international career. He has also started to incorporate video mixing in his sets.

As a Band DJ or as a Club DJ, Solo is still honing his DJ skills, and that’s what makes the difference when dragging the crowd to the dancefloor...or making the crowd go wild during concerts with his amazing beat-juggling and scratches!