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Eddy Frampton

(bed supperclub)

Country: Canada

Genres: tribal, techy, funky, deep, house

Eddy Frampton - has been involved in house music since the acid house period of the late 80's in Vancouver, Canada. During the early 90's he was exposed to the dawn of the rave scene in North America and was influenced by the likes of Tyler Stadius, Mark Farina and the legendary Wicked crew from San Francisco. The lesson learned from these greats is whether the music is tribal, techy, funky, deep or dubby, it must be presented with variation and passion.  Current producers that are found populating Eddy's dance music sets are Funkagenda, Sebastien Leger, Jerome Isma-Ae and Mark Knight. Eddy is also adept in lounge atmospheres possessing a strong contingent of Nu-Jazz, Funk, Soul, Broken Beat and Space disco tracks to ease the senses. 

Eddy has had opportunity to share his brand of electronic music from Burning Man to Ibiza, Russia to Hong Kong and everywhere throughout South East Asia.  Eddy’s promotional ability can be found in his co- founder role of Thailand’s only weekly beach party Soundwave Sundays in Phuket and the infamous Sanctuary and Ascension island parties.  Currently, strong efforts are being focused on music production where he looks forward to soon contributing musically to an industry that has given him so much.

The unique offering that Eddy can provide in the crowded sea of DJ's is presentation.  His philosophy is that if the DJ isn't dancing and excited about the music, how are the people he is playing for supposed to be?  In summary, just watching him will make you move! 

Eddy can be found shaking bodies, and his own, during his Wednesday and Saturday resident sessions at the world famous Bed Supperclub, Bangkok, Thailand.