• Guests

Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop

Country: Germany

Genres: hip-hop, funk and breaks

Marc Hype - hails from Berlin and has been deeply involved with hip-hop culture since 1988, never hesitating to look beyond the turntable platters for inspiration. Marc has used his hip-hop roots to become one of the most respected DJs and producers of the nu-funk/breaks scene. Following his early releases with the now defunct Cheeba Garden in the ’90s, he won the German ITF DJ Mixing Championship in '98 & '99 and has released countless mix-tapes. Marc's first solo album received widespread acclaim and featured collaborations with such heavyweights as Masta Ace, Souls of Mischief, Mr Lif, Killa Kela and the Beat Junkies. The release led to tours of Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia, Russia and Israel as a solo artist. 

Marc’s  recent DJ sets are perfectly complemented and enhanced by the presence of his genial partner in crime, Jim Dunloop, a classically trained pianist. Funk breaks, rock loops, old-school hip-hop beats and electro flow together with funky live piano. Marc combines his proven skills on the decks with a natural ability to pick the right tune at the right time. Together with Jim, they keep dance floors on full pitch. They have released a string of club classics and were making nu-funk singles before the genre even existed. Their latest releases on the New York based Milk Crate Rec. and Melting Pot Music were hits worldwide on the DJ-circuit. Jazzman Gerald even dubbed the release of their cover of Babe Ruth's b-boy classic "The Mexican" as "THE version to have! They released their debut album “stamp out reality” in 2009  which featured Mr Lif, Blowfly, Mr Complex, Malena Perez, Lady Daisey, Sara De Bourgeois and more. At present Marc is working hard, touring nonstop and working on future music releases .

Jim Dunloop

"The key wizard" has been playing piano for the past 29 years. He began with a classical education, and by the time he was 14 years old was analyzing the compositions of Gershwin and Brubeck, leading to a keen interest in jazz. He then turned to the greats of jazz/funk piano such as Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Chick Corea and Adam Makiewicz. Infected with the funk rhythm, Jim became interested in rap music in the early ’90s and to this day he surprises many people with his knowledge of hip-hop music and culture. Jim has been a member in and writer for the legendary Fresh Familee rap crew and Splinta. He also formed the group Konstruktive Kritik, whose work appeared on many compilations, and in 1995 they released their debut album "Kuehl" on iGadget's Label Köln Massive.

In 2001, Jim moved to Germany's art and music capital, Berlin, here he began collaborating with Marc Hype, resulting in a driving combination of funk breaks, re-edits and old-school beats.

Apart from all this, Jim performs together with Mr Krime and Daniel Drumz, both highly respected DJs from Poland, under the name Mako Boko. Together with drummer Guiseppe Coppola (Brothers Keepers) and bassist Patte Frank (Jimi Tenor), Jim has recently founded the quartet, The Raw Sonics. This project allows Jim to express his love of live performance. Jim truly is a master of the keys, rocking a club with Marc Hype one night and the next night playing Jazz in a smoky in-the-know jazz club. His live shows are not to be missed.