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Eddie Halliwell

Country: UK

Genres: House


‘Without a shadow of a doubt Eddie Halliwell is a legend, a hero and a massively popular DJ worshipped by many’ DJ Mag

‘Is Halliwell the most exciting DJ on the planet right now? Maybe!’ Tillate Magazine

Eddie is a DJ legend to rank among the best of them, so make some noise for clubland’s answer to Rocky.’  - Mixmag 

‘There are people who play records and there are DJ’s who blow minds, Eddie Halliwell is the latter…who makes every set, no matter how small the club or how big the festival, feel like the closing party of the end of the world.’ – Mixmag

It’s been a meteoric rise to fame - Eddie is the young superstar of the dance music scene, having recently been named as one of the ‘New Superstar DJ’s’ by Mixmag and nominated in its ‘Greatest DJ Of All Time’ poll. In the words of Judge Jules‘, Eddie looks in to people’s eyes and he performs. Incredible stage performance, incredible skills, and an almost telepathic ability to read a crowd – Eddie’s got everything.’

To understand how all this has happened so quickly you have to see Eddie in a club. Behind the mixer Eddie as a hive of activity, constantly manipulating the music with lightning cuts, layers of effects and slick scratches. Playing tracks from across a broad musical spectrum – trance, techno, house and electro – he harnesses the energy of every beat, synth, hi-hat, squelch and squeak, using his technical expertise to generate energy and manipulate new sounds.

His peers acknowledge him as one of the leading innovators when it comes to using technology to push boundaries, as Paul Van Dyk pointed out: “Now kids just use them, for example, Eddie Halliwell — what he does with those Pioneer CD players is f*cking nuts!  He had no hesitation; he just went for it and has probably got the best out of the machine”. Tiesto has also always shown great support to Eddie and recently labeled Eddie as a ‘Legend,’ in an interview with DJ Magazine!

Eddie reached into millions of UK homes with his own BBC Radio ONE show from 2003 – 2008, along with seven essential mixes. Eddie now broadcasts to millions of worldwide listeners via his new syndicated radio show – FIRE IT UP RADIO. His success has visibly boomed over the years, particularly with Eddie’s own concept ED-IT (Eddie DJing with Integrated New Technology), launched in August 2009, which saw this years Creamfields Festival erupt making him the must-see DJ of the weekend.

2010 also saw Eddie collaborating with the super-brand Cream to release his much-anticipated Ibiza compilation and the launch of his very own iPhone App. Having travelled to every corner of the earth to play his scorching shows, Eddie is ending 2010 with a bang; with Christmas parties across the UK and a final massive blowout on New Years Eve in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico.