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Country: UK

Genres: D&B

Goldie's - name came from the fact that he was once a member of a breakdance crew during the 1980s, called Westside, based in the Whitmore Reans and Heath Town areas of Wolverhampton. Back then he had dreadlocks, and given his light goldish brown hair colour was given the b-boy name Goldilocks. As time progressed Goldie cut his hair and joined another breakdance crew called the Bboys. With the dreadlocks gone, Goldilocks became simply known as Goldie. Goldie made his name as a graffiti artist in the West Midlands in the early eighties. His artwork around Birmingham and Wolverhampton was featured heavily in Afrikaa Bambaataa's feature film documentary Bombing (which was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK).

He took part in the largest ever British graffiti art battle alongside Bristol artist 3D who later went on to form Massive Attack. He is also mentioned for his graffiti in the book Spraycan Art by Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff, which contains several samples of his art.

In 1986 he moved to Miami, Florida and started a business selling grills, something he has turned into a trademark.

Music career

In 1992 he collaborated with Icelanders Þórhallur Skúlason and Sigurbjörn Þorgrímsson on his first track as Ajax Project while he was doing some design and A&R work for 4 Hero's Reinforced label.

His releases Killa Muffin b/w Krisp Biscuit and the Dark Rider EP (featuring the classic Menace) were put out under an alias Rufige Cru, more recently the alias Rufige Kru has been used to release collaborations with other producers such as Heist.

His track Terminator recorded under the name Metalheads in 1992 was a huge hit. In 1993 he released another classic 12" on the Synthetic Hardcore Phonography label, Angel. 1994 saw him setting up his own record label, Metalheadz. The label was a huge success releasing some of the most important 12"s of that era and remains hugely successful and respected to this day.

His first globally released album, Timeless, followed in 1995. Timeless shot straight into the album charts at number seven, which was a first for a drum 'n' bass record. The album fused the breakbeats and basslines common in jungle with orchestral textures and soulful female vocals by Diane Charlemagne. The album's title track was a 21-minute symphonic piece. Inner City Life, a track taken from the album, sold over 15,000 copies on vinyl.

With his reputation firmly established, he released his second album in 1998, Saturnzreturn. The album's opening track, "Mother" is also an hour long orchestral drum and bass piece. The remainder of the album features appearances by David Bowie, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and KRS-One.