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Akil the MC


Country: USA

Genres: Hip-Hop

AKIL THE MC - "ATM" was born and raised in the hectic streets of South Central Los Angles, during a time that could be compared to the likes of an urban Vietnam. If you were'nt gang banging what were you doing? Rapping, Popping, Breaking, or " writting your name in grafitti on the wall ", that's what. Akil's sense of the ills of urban society, and his love for Hip Hop were noticed early on. Akil was a regular on the L.A. Hip Hop scene performing with his group " Rebels Of Rhythm " that later on joined forces with " Unity Comitee " to become Jurassic 5. Jurassic 5 was picked up by Interscope in 1999, their first order of business was to re-release the under ground classic J5 Ep, which was followed by " Quality Control ", " Power In Numbers ", and " Feed Back ". J5 is Known for their old school flavorful harmony and uplifting lyrical content, which Akil played a big part in building. Songwriting is one of Akils strong points which can be heard in some of their biggest songs , "Concrete school yard" (Top 35 single ) "Quality Control" "Thin Line" featuring Nelly Furtado and many other favorites. Besides lending his expertise in penmen ship, Akil also added his talent as a producer to help create the Jurassic 5 formula. This formula opened doors for Jurassic 5 to travel the world, planting seeds for the hip hop culture. Akil The MC has also been involved with collaborations with other artist such as " Ice T #5” ,The Pharcyde " , Japans " DJ Yutaka " , The " DJ Format " compilation , Meshell Ndegeocello, Baby Mama soundtrack " Life " featuring Lina, and most recentyl Akil has a cameo in the film " Alpha Dog "

Jurassic 5 enjoyed a succesful run in Hip Hop before deciding to call it quits. As we know Hip Hop DON'T STOP! it only get's better, and that's what Akil The MC is bringing! When you listen to his rhymes you'll feel the soul of Jurassic 5 with the shell of the South Central Scene that spawned this versatile MC. Now he brings that legendary status to 4Dub teaming with Hydro Phonics.