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Mc LowQui


Country: UK

Genres: DnB

In every sense of the word, LowQui is the complete MC.

A host, a lyricist and a crowd entertainer, he brings a passion for drum n bass to the fore that is sure to electrify the dance. His love of the music always comes first and LowQui´s true skill is in matching his flow to the DJ to get the vibe of the night just right. With over a decade of experience at some of the biggest club nights across the UK and beyond, it´s no surprise that LowQui is Goldie´s number one MC of choice. In 2008, LowQui has continued his affiliation with Metalheadz as well as featuring alongside D-Bridge for the Exit Records boss debut album tour.

LowQui´s journey thorugh breakbeat and drum and bass began back in the days of the UK hardcore scene, when the emerging sounds of jungle introduced a new wave of ragga-influenced toasting and hosting in London´s raves and clubnights. Two MCs quickly rose to theforefront and caught LowQui´s attention: the now legendary Stevie Hyper D, famed for his double-time flow, and MC GQ with his razor-sharp delivery. Combining elements from both and inspired lyrically by the changing face of the city around him, LowQui forged his own style to bring conscious lyrics with maximum effect on the dancefloor. This notion of balance and harmony is at the core of LowQui´s style on the mic and comes from a philosophy embedded in all that he does: no wonder then that the regular London club night he helped to establish back in 2004 is named Essence of Chi.

Covering the whole spectrum of drum and bass, from light to dark and from deep to dancefloor, Essence of Chi was founded on LowQui´s belief in bringing complementing styles together over the course of a club night. The success of their first residencies, at Brixton´s Plan B and the world-famous club Herbal, inspired the Essence of Chi crew to promote larger more ambitious events on their own and in conjunction with well-established names such as Moondance, Ministry of Sound and Renegade Hardware. The crew have since toured across the UK, with MC LowQui appearing alongside residents including Artifical Intelligence, DJ Kane, Sabre, Subterra and Nookie.