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Tech 12


Country: UK

Genres: what ever he fxxking wants!!

Originally hailing from Bristol, Tech 12 has been honing his skills amongst the world?s bightest stars for over a decade now.

Cutting his teeth with respected indie label Hombre Records and Burst FM in Bristol, Tech 12 quickly found himself touring throughout the UK and Europe, ?nding that ever elusive balance between turntablist trickery and pure DJ party rocking instincts. 

After years of grinding on the UK circuit, Tech 12 decided to leave the grey clouds of Bristol behind for the sunny beaches of Thailand. Now ?rmly entrenched in the Bangkok and SE Asian hip hop scene, Tech 12 has established himself as the city?s premier party rocker and one of the region?s most in demand talents. With residencies spanning 3 countries and 6 cities, Tech 12?s star continues to rise and has earned him accolades from many of the world?s most renowned talents. 

Some of the Acts/Dj?s Tech 12 has worked alongside are: The Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Dilated Peoples, People Under The Stairs, Grandmaster Flash, Dj Craze, Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Massive Attack, Portishead, A-Trak and many many more. 

Now over 10 years deep in the business, Tech 12?s grind has only gotten stronger. With his skills quickly gaining recognition across Asia, dates have begun swirling throughout continent and you?d be hard pressed to ?nd him on a night off.