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Hydro Phonics


Country: USA

Genres: Hip-hop

Tony B. King is better known as Hydro Phonics. Creator of Hip Hop group 4Dub, the first International Hip Hop group to perform a concert in Cambodia, the first International Hip Hop group to perform at Bangkok’s famed Countdown celebration in front of 200,000 people, & the star of the upcoming Hollywood film " Hemp Hop " The Hydro Phonics Story. Hydro has taken his group 4Dub through many personnel changes and ups and downs but now with the addition of Akil the MC (formerly of Jurassic 5) to the 4Dub movement, Hydro and Akil look to take 4Dub to international superstar status.

4Dub prides itself on lyricism and staying true to essential elements of Hip Hop. Hydro Phonics is also regarded as the originator of “HEMP HOP. Which is basically Hip Hop writing, recording and producing while always 100 % red eyed, Rasta spirited & behind a pair of lucky Ray Ban sunglasses that he found wondering through a Ganja plantation at Bob Marley’s tomb in Nine Mile, Jamaica.

As a young teenager in the United States Hydro won a national competition for making a song about not drinking and driving on Prom night. The Song was titled “Stop before you get started” and was used as the theme song for the Nationwide Prom Promise Campaign. From that point on Hydro Phonics has been on a whirlwind climb that has seen him in Television Shows, Commercials & Movies in America. As well as him finding fame in Asia, hosting a variety of TV shows, Producing music, writing songs for and collaborating with many popular Asian artist including HRH Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya of Thailand. Hydro also hosted the popular “FOUNDATION” Hip Hop radio show on UB Radio, His group 4Dub tour Asia every year & if that isn’t enough, Hydro also moonlights as ! of Asia’s #1 voted Party Rocking DJ Crew “THE GHETTO BLASTERS” along with DJ Tech 12 from Bristol, UK. MC Hydro Phonics is definitely flying high at the moment and it looks as if the skies the limit!