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Mc Gobshite


Country: UK

Genres: Hip-Hop Mc

Gobshite - started rhyming at Castle Rock cafe in Leicester city in the early 2000's, basically spitting freestyles every weekend. He stepped his game up a little and started writing, releasing an EP on wax with Leicester producer Ralfabetix, entitled Uninvited Guests - 'Çity of Odd'. Went on to form MGC (Molesta Gritty Committee) with, amongst others, friends Disebeats and Taskoner. He then moved to Phnom Penh in 2009 and began making tunes with local heads including Klap Ya Handz and producer, Peanut amongst others.. Recently formed another crew with two Khmer heads, Peanut and Prolyfik- eKHlektik KHnekt. Gobshite is also a dedicated graffiti writer and beer monster.