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Rob Warner

Country: New Zealand

Genres: deep house, tribal, funky techno

Almost 20 years of passion for dance music has earned Rob Warner a reputation as one of New Zealand’s most experienced and original djs. He has headlined dozens of events and has Djed alongside with many of the worlds top djs, including Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Satoshi Tomiie and many more. 

Rob began DJing in the early 90s having become addicted to dark rooms and loud music. In these early days his influences were the American house and techno sounds of Tribal America, Sex Trax, Strictly Rhythm, Transmat etc mixed with European artists such as Eon, Leftfield etc. Two decades later the music has changed but the vibe of his DJing has stayed much the same - quirky, futuristic music for the dance floor.

His sets are a mix of futuristic house, ethnic rhythms, techno and off-kilter sounds alongside old-school rarities he's dusted off for a new era.

“I love to mix things up - from deep house to tribal to funky techno - I love watching people on a dance floor realise they’ve been taken from house to techno to futuristic disco in the space of five records.”

Since the early 1990s Rob has held residencies at the most celebrated clubs in New Zealand including The Box, Redzone and Crowbar. Further afield he’s played on events in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand as well as playing extensively throughout Asia on launch events for 42 Below Vodka including the first Silent Disco events to be held in Asia.