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Country: Thailand

Genres: Hip-Hop / Mash up

The journey of DJ Yukie and her love of music began at very young age.At an early age her interest in music was mainly in hiphop ,then around 1997 she became more exposed to the sounds of R&B,Soul,Funk and Hiphop. 

Around the age of 18 she showed a big interest in djing herself and found herself saving all money to get het first pair of turntables.Her keen skills were honed by practising every single day and with the support of local professional DJs and promoters,she began to play the local club circuit and DJ Yukie was born!

Quickly picked up by sponsors She performs regularly for promotional events,Motor shows,DJ battles,Hiphop live shows and of course her regular Bangkok shows between performances around Asia (Hong Kong,Singapore,Cambodia,Malaysia,Nepal,Laos) and Europe (Switzerland).