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Country: Belgium

Genres: hip-hop, mash up

It all began in 1999. After a short stint in break dancing , Ody C takes up DJing as his field of expertise. After 2years of training , he sets himself apart his technical flair and thus begins to make a name for himself on the party circuit alongside DJ Man and DJ ND.

As resident of « On Da Ground » parties, he mingled not only with the vibrant young generation but with skilled DJs as well. Out Out of his strong-minged personality , exchanged contacts and new acquitances, MP Family is born : a DJ crew founded in 2004.

It is also in 2004 that Ody C begins stage appearences with rapper James Deano. A contract deal of 2 years would take him from one festival to another in Europe as well as in Asia and in North America.

With his international experiance in hand, he then decides to create his own studio. He successfully begins dabbling in song production in 2005 having produced track a on James Deano’s album. Consequently, various up and coming rappers – Akro , Romano , etc.. – request his work. Ultimately word traveled and Ody C becomes a reference in beat making. Caught up in the Masj trend, he puts forth his talent and creativity and creates more and more hip hop/ electro remixes. Combining his love of night clubs and music production. These passions become one as he produces, compposes and plays his work.

Just one road taken among many promising ones ahead. Asymbolic character, a true Jack of all trades DJ Ody C today is truly comfortable on the turntables or on music consoles.