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Clock Work Soul aka Subvert Edsoul

Country: UK

Growing up in the north of England in the 70’s, Subverted Soul was surrounded by music and scooters. By the age of 13 he was attending Northern Soul all-nighters and scooter rallies. By 1983, he was a vinyl junkie and amateur DJ and by 1985 he began to DJ professionally, originally playing 60’s Soul and Ska.  He soon incorporated the newer Soul, Disco and Funk that came out of New York’s underground gay music scene and, during the latter part of the 80‘s, the (Ware) House sound of Chicago.

As the developing U.K. “rave” scene expanded Subverted Soul became involved in the illegal warehouse party scene, as well as the traveler parties and festivals that moved freely around the countryside. The Manchester scene exploded and this all had an influence on his sound.

His list of DJ residencies steadily grew throughout the 90’s and he began promoting and DJ-ing various club nights. The sound was pure U.S. House and Garage music influenced by the likes of Masters at Work, Todd Terry, David Morales, Roger Sanchez etc but the Soul, Disco, and Funk influence always remained. To this day he sites his biggest influence as Larry Levan of New York’s legendary Paradise Garage. In 1995 he was named Eternity dance magazine ‘Best New DJ of the Year’

By the mid 1990’s he was beginning to cut his teeth in the recording studio learning his way around the equipment, eventually building his own recording studio and producing original material to DJ with and distribute throughout the underground House scene. This led to being picked up and signed to AM-PM (A & M records) the UK’s premier dance music label.

Around this time he also became interested in VJ-ing and began experimenting. Taking visual inspiration from a diverse range of sources and combining this with his musical knowledge, Subverted Soul developed a VJ style that creates a complete audio visual experience. Subverted Soul is one of only a few performers who combine visuals into their DJ appearances.

Over the years Subverted Soul has DJ’ed, VJ'ed, produced and engineered under various monikers. Involved in the industry for over 25 years he has worked alongside a huge range of artists. His work has taken him around the U.K, across Europe and into Asia where he pioneered the “Nu Disco” sound as well as starting various club nights. He also collaborated with local Khmer talent in the studio through his work with Tiny Toones. 

Where his unique sound lies is in his ability to remix and re-edit old and new tunes, as well as in his own original productions. His style can drift between Rare Groove, Lounge, Ska, Dub, Afro beat, Reggae, Latin, Trip Hop, World Music, Disco, Funk, Soul, Breaks,  and into Chicago House. He plays warm up, peak time, backroom or lounge, his music appealing to both straight and gay crowds. Visually his style is as varied as his music, from Old school black and white and 1960‘s wet shows to club “eyecandy” and large scale advanced 3D mapping. Over the years he has learnt about light and sound, how it works and what it takes to move a dance floor. Essentially what Subverted Soul does is take 1000 people and make it feel like a house party.

Wherever, whenever, it is always “Music with Soul”.