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Jose Castillo

Country: Columbia

Genres: funk, soul, jazz, hip-hop

José Castillo - Originates from the coastal city of Cartagena, Colombia. He began his music career playing colombian folklore music which gained him recognition by several well know orchestras within Colombia; before branching out to Latin big bands, solo performances, international bands and DJ accompaniment. He reads and writes music, does original arrangements and also works as a producer. José plays a variety of instruments including gaita (Colombian folk instrument,) flute, clarinet, saxophones and hand percussions. Currently he concentrates on performances with soprano, alto and tenor saxophones.

José began his international career with the band "Soneros de Cartagena" touring Portugal and Ecuador, then soon followed by a Asian tour to Malaysia and Bangkok with the "Caribbean dreams band." Determined to broaden exposures José continued his career in Asia with both local and international bands as well as a successful solo career, most notably in the electronic music genre.

In the past ten years José Castillo has worked in many cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China. His most recent accomplishments includes touring over thirty five cities in China as part of DJ performance shows with "smirnoff 007" and "J&B" , working in concert with Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung in china during his world tour as well as performing in many of the top music venues and clubs throughout Shanghai and China.

José is a charismatic and easy going person with a good understanding of asian culture and music gained from performing in some of the most prestigious hotels and hottest clubs.He has passion for music, possesses great stage presence and always puts on a energetic performance, bringing his ever-evolving funky sounds wherever he is. His influences are diverse, his stylings are genuine, edgy and driven.