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Cut Killer

Country: France

Genres: Hip-Hop

DJ Cut Killer does things. For over fifteen years, he is the DJ's most iconic of French hip hop, both here but also abroad, where he is the only French DJ (Franco-Moroccan, to be precise) made a as'être name bright enough to be considered as a peer by the biggest DJ's American.

It was with them he learned the trade, as has been done before him DJ Clue, Funkmaster Flex and others: carrying boxes of vinyl records, observing how they handle a crowd with both arms MKII, and learning to listen hard and understand the strength of a beat, a hook, an intro, a break ...

Before, Cut Killer was a young Parisian who loved music. Mainly the battery, whether in discs by James Brown or Genesis, there was always something to be taken: the sense of beat.

Future DJ teenager when rap landed in France on Radio 7, then Radio Nova. The smugglers are called DJ Dee Nasty or Sidney. Soon the nights in Paris have nothing to envy from the Bronx block parties, and precisely Cut Killer lives close to the Globo where parties are hosted Chez Roger Boite Funk "a cellar where the boulevards on Friday evening, all that will soon be the glory rap hexagonal (NTM, Mode 2, Assassin ...) dance till dawn with Public Enemy, Biz Markie, or one evening, DJ Cash Money. This tutelary figure of dee-American jaying puts the spark in the soul of Cut Killer. It will be a DJ.

Time to break the back as a warehouseman while continuing his studies to afford turntables, he becomes a fanatical activist movement born in Paris. It integrates IZB, the first association that promotes hip-hop and organizes concerts, he asks scratch in 1991 on the album Original ™, everyone, including himself, has forgotten, but he crossed the stage quickly : his own role, unforgettable, in a sequence from the cult film La Haine, live DJ for MC Solaar, scratcher on the solo album of Akhenaton, IAM, and a radio show on Radio Nova, as its models Red Alert or Bobbito Garcia in New York.

In the mid 90's, Cut Killer DJ is already a respected and active enough to account for its just a name on a pocket is enough to arouse interest, then the success of his new company. He had the idea of ??adapting the concept to France, which consolidated the New York hip hop, that of mix-tapes. It mixes the latest news, interspersed with the freestyles of the rising French rap, and sells all on tapes that are therefore bible for aficionados. In New York, Kid Capri, DJ Clue, Ron G have made a reputation with that principle, in Paris, Cut Killer who became the boss: its dynamic mix, its resourcefulness to get their hands on the best EPs before everyone, and his flair for finding the rappers by making its inevitable mix-tapes. Simply the best of the second generation of French rap has been there: Poets of the Street Wise, Lunatic, 113 and many more ...