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(Dream Music)

Country: France

Genres: hip-hop, r&b, dancehall, reggae

DJ SOON - has started mixing 16 years ago, in 1994 when the Hip Hop was just starting in France. He hit Marseille first but his name quickly spread on the international scene thanks to realisator Luc Besson who asked him to do the soundtrack of his movie Taxi. 

After that, everything will go fast for him, Soon will joined the crew Don’t Sleep Djs, signed at Sony Music and will became one of the most requested and acclaimed DJ in France for the next 10 years.His international career as a DJ brought him to different and various spots: Chicago, Senegal, China, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Canada...

He joined on American Tour 2 major French Hip Hop bands, Fonky Family and 3ème Oeil.

His talent has been proven and his experience speaks for himself, but despite these years of mixing, DJ Soon is still as passionate as in the earlyhours.