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Country: USA

Genres: Turntablism

One of the best all-around DJs in the scene today, DJ Vajra has earned a place among the industry's elite. Whether he's winning the biggest battles in the world or dropping a crushing mix set at the club, fans arequickly learning why he has become DJ QBert's "Favorite DJ in the world".

A Denver, Colorado native, Vajra strikes fear into the hearts of DJs in the battle realm. An accomplishedbattle DJ, his persistence finally paid off by becoming the 2011 DMC US Champion (5x DMC US Finalist) andeventually becoming the 2011 DMC World DJ Champion; joining the legendary ranks of DJ Cash Money, DJQBert, Mixmaster Mike, Roc Raida, and DJ Craze to name a few. On top of his extraordinary technical skills,he has also proven that he can rock a party by being a 2-time finalist at the US Red Bull Thr3estyle DJBattles. Along with his recent appearance alongside the Invisibl Skratch Piklz at Thud Rumble's Fader Fest,Vajra is having the best year of any DJ could have.

Crowds around the world have been amazed byCareer DJ Battle Highlights2011 DMC World DJ Champion 5x US DMC DJ Finalist (2001, 2002, 2003 2004, 2011) 2x US Red Bull Thre3Style Finalist (2010, 2011) 2003 Allies All-Star Beatdown World Finalist 2003 WSTC Online World ChampionVajra's live performances, blowing the roof off ofvenues from New York to LA, Paris to Madrid,Tokyo to Beijing, and everywhere in-between.He has thrown down with The Roots inAmsterdam, Arrested Development in London,and traveled across America with A Tribe CalledQuest. He has also shared the spotlight withsuch legendary acts as RUN DMC, DigablePlanets, Common, and Mos Def.

DJ Vajra is always pushing the envelope duringhis live shows, with his unique skill set ofturntable tricks and party blends. Don't missyour opportunity to watch him do his thing whenin your area!